As you can tell by our portfolio, live is what we do at Wood Box Films. Our team has a background in live audio, recording, and mixing as well as videography and film production, and we combine those two worlds to create great-looking and -sounding videos of dynamic live performances. We pride ourselves on our ability to capture what it feels like to see and hear your band live, and we’re sticklers for things like perfect sync, honest takes, and studio-quality sound. Visit our full portfolio on Vimeo to take a look at everything we’ve done.

So what do you get? As the client, you end up with one or more HD videos with great sound, which is yours to post on your own YouTube channel and social media, and wherever else you please. You collect the views and the attention for your performance. We edit what we capture, so if our Wood Box Films team rolled camera, we edit the picture for you. If we recorded the audio, then we mix your track. Think of it like live event photography – your photographer captures the night, and delivers the finished photos to you in all their edited glory, after listening carefully to your requirements and revisions. We shoot your performance, and you end up with finished videos – and we make sure you’re as excited about them as we are.

If what you’re looking for isn’t so live, we do promotional videos, interviews and “official” music videos as well. We have most of the skills and gear in-house, and we have a network of people and equipment to draw upon to fit specific needs that we can’t fill on our own. If you have a fantastic idea for a narrative video or a promo, and you like our style, hit us up. We’ll work with you to develop your idea, show you some examples of what we’ve done in the past, and see how best we can collaborate.

We also pride ourselves on being able to market to all genres and all budgets. Pop, punk, folk, rock ‘n roll, cover bands, country, blues… we’ve covered a lot of ground, and are always looking for new styles of music to explore. We are based in Vancouver, but we have been known to travel to nearby areas. If you’re wondering if we can make it to your venue, just ask!

To keep up to date with what we’re shooting and releasing, and to follow our antics around town, Like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. We love the live music scene, so even if we’re not filming or recording, we tend to be out and about! If you spot us at a gig, definitely come over and introduce yourself; we’d love to meet you.