Live Session Video

Live session videos can be off-the-floor at a recording studio, in the park, or in your living room! They’re still recorded live, but we can do multiple takes, which allows us to pick your best performances, and use more camera angles, close-ups and creative shots.

For a live session video, prices vary widely with the number of people in your band, your choice of location, and the look you’re going for. You’re looking at a base ballpark price of anywhere from $300 and $800 for one video. In bulk, prices go down, so if you’re looking for three videos, your per video cost will be between $250 and $450. Disclaimer: if you want to shoot your session video on the top of a mountain, or on the floor of the House of Commons, we’re up for it! But your price might go up a bit. Please contact us for a quote that fits your needs and budget.